Why Should You Purchase a Security Camera System in Brisbane?

Security cameras used to be highly expensive, and unless you were rich, you wouldn’t be able to have one for your home or business. But nowadays, security systems are available to nearly anyone who has a home, building, office, or company, and, in fact, most people have them.

So what are the benefits of having a security system? Do you only need one if you have a company and employees? Or are they worth having at your personal home as well? Read this article to answer all your questions about security systems in Brisbane and how they work.

The main benefits of having a security camera system

Here is a list of the main reasons why security camera systems are worth it and why you should have one installed at your business or home

  • It keeps burglaries and thefts from happening by not authorising entires
  • Security systems discourage customers from committing theft since they do not want to be seen or caught
  • It helps you monitor who comes to your home, business, etc.
  • Security systems are a great way to present proof to authorities and to help aid in crime
  • Keeps crime down


Features to look for in a good Security Camera System


There are many different features to choose from in a security system, so which features are the best? Here is a list for you so that you can determine what you need in a security system.


  • Footage that is recorded continually – even though this option requires Wi-Fi and a lot of bandwidth, it is a good quality in a security camera system since it ensures you do not miss anything
  • Wireless cameras – this takes the hassle out of the installation process and can even save you money.
  • Night vision will ensure you can see your video footage even if it was recorded at night


Security System Companies and Social Media

Some companies will ofer coupons and additional information about their companies on social media so its important to look up the business in the Brisbane area to see what they are offering and if there are additional deals.


Following your company on social media will also give you the possibility to see tips and helpful information so don’t hesitate to do so.


Features that are Less Important – especially if you’re on a budget

First off, if you are on a budget, then even as nice of a feature as continuous recording in, it’s probably not going to be a cheap feature, so that is one that you can minimise. And that means that you can instead choose a security system that records and stores footage for only a few days before automatically deleting it.

Here are some more features that you can probably do without:


  • A 360 view
  • Person detection (this is different from motion detection)
  • Activity zones for motion sensing security systems
  • Systems that work with Alexa (Amazon) or smart door locks.


Having a security system for your home changes things significantly, and if you are concerned about safety, it is something you should invest in. It is proven that fewer crimes are committed in facilities and homes that have security systems. Also, remember that you can still afford a security system even on a budget. SEQ offer all CCTV installations. Just know what you need and what you can do without.

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